EismanLaw’s estate planning practice is dedicated to helping clients plan for the future. Working with you, Fred Eisman creates a comprehensive plan to ensure your wishes are known, your heirs provided for, and your legacy safeguarded.

Customary estate planning services provided to clients include the preparation of:

Typically, the process of developing an estate plan for you will unfold as follows:

  • A brief telephone conversation to introduce ourselves to one another and to allow EismanLaw to get a general sense of your situation and goals.
  • Completion of an Estate Planning Questionnaire which will provide a more detailed overview of the information required to structure an estate plan best suited to you.
  • A lengthier phone call or a meeting, during which we will discuss your goals and the types of plans that fit your needs. Most often, an estate plan will be decided upon at this time.

Subjects discussed during this call or meeting might include:

  • Preserving your estate;
  • Providing for your surviving spouse;
  • Providing for your children and grandchildren;
  • Providing for special needs heirs;
  • Avoiding probate, if doing so suits your needs;
  • Second families and former spouses;
  • Choosing Executors and Trustees;
  • Planning for the succession of your business;
  • Reducing or avoiding estate taxes;
  • Signing of an engagement letter describing the services to be provided and the anticipated fees;
  • Preparation by Fred Eisman and review by you of the estate planning documents; and
  • After addressing any questions or requested changes to the documents, signing of the documents.

Typically the last step is done in our office, but it can be done elsewhere if necessary.